Surfaces Studio is delighted to introduce you to the unique art pieces created by ARTISHOK, the artistic name of Dmitry Frolov. ARTISHOK is a talented and versatile artist who has participated in various art exhibitions in Latvia, France, and Russia. His artworks have been sold to private collectors and restaurants in Monaco, Madrid, London, Berlin, Moscow, Riga, Turin, and Leon.

ARTISHOK’s artworks reflect his awareness of the natural life cycles of growth, decay, evolution, and rebirth. He explores his surroundings at different levels of detail and captures a moment in time within the dynamic cycle of life. His paintings invite the observer to enter a world of possibility and imagination.

ARTISHOK’s artworks also showcase his mastery of different patterns and textures. He combines old craftsmanship with contemporary trends and new technology to create innovative artworks for the world of interior design. He uses a variety of liquid metals and mixed media to create stunning effects that will transform your space.