SA Basic Coat WB 2KPU varnish

SA Basic Coat WB 2KPU varnish provides a water-repellent matte finish, applied in two layers with one-hour drying time between.


To ensure an additional water and dirt repellent surface, finish the surface by applying special Basebeton 2K-PU coating: the SA Basic-coat WB 2K-PU. It is a two-component coating that consists of SA Basic Coat WB 2KPU Comp A and SA Basic Coat WB 2KPU Comp B. To use the coating, you need to mix component B with component A thoroughly and then strain the mixture through the MP 190 micron sieve. You can apply the coating with a nylon roller, crosswise in all directions. The coating leaves a matte surface and has a consumption of 0.1 liters per square meter. You need to apply two layers of coating, with one hour of drying time between them. The floor has to dry for at least five days before it can be walked on, and for four days in wet rooms. Please note that you need to wear oven shoes when applying the coating.